Dilapidations is the term to describe disrepair arising from non-compliance with repairing liabilities in leases.  Dilapidations arise both during and at the end of a lease and often lead to disputes between a landlord and tenant.

Stewart Watson advises landlords and tenants and has wide experience in dilapidations law and practice, which ideally qualifies us to deal with the broad range of dilapidations scenarios that arise.  Our input during a lease involves scheduling disrepair as part of an enforcement process, typically against a tenant.  At the end of leases, dilapidations liabilities are often discharged by payment of damages, when our role involves scheduling and costing disrepair and negotiating claims for landlords, or alternatively responding to such claims on behalf of tenants.

Our input is particularly effective when undertaken at a strategic level, where advice given in advance of a lease expiry, allows us to formulate a planned and considered approach for landlords seeking compliance or for tenants managing and discharging their liabilities.